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Entry by leeej on Sunday 30th January 2011 03:49:48 PM
HAPPY BDAY TINA have a great day positive vibes , MR BIG i will be in south africa june 24 till 26 or longer for REWIND tour with many artists should a lot of fun hope to see you there LEEEJ
Entry by Bazza on Sunday 23rd January 2011 11:47:23 AM
Wishing my lil Sis a Very Very Happy Birthday !!! Lots of Love and Hugs XXX
Entry by Mr Big on Friday 21st January 2011 06:36:38 AM
Hi Leee,

Just wanna if you are going to do a show(June) in Cape Town, South Africa? Thx, Mr Big.
Entry by leeej on Monday 17th January 2011 12:08:55 PM
SPREADING LOVE AND JOY FOR 2011 , THANKING EVERYONE AT THE WONDERFUL reception on sat at SUPER BELLE in clermint ferrand in france great crowd celebrating 30 yrs of IMAGINATION much luv LEEEJ
Entry by AKA on Friday 14th January 2011 08:01:42 PM
Entry by leeej on Friday 14th January 2011 07:10:39 PM
HI GHISLIN and deborah time spins so fast till its 30 yrs already , i will be doing showa all over this year , uk and europe and far east and in june south africa , so i hope i can see you and all the IMAGINATION , LEEE JOHN fans , as you are the ones that keep me doing what i do , i ll keep on singing and dancing till the stars stop shining , lets take it to heaven for 2011 much luv leeej xxx
Entry by ghislain on Tuesday 11th January 2011 06:02:07 PM
happy new year leee john and to all fans of this forum. i hope that you will do a concert in France. i'm a big fan of you since 1981, thirty-year of career ,and thirty-year that your songs and your beautiful voice follow me throughout my life.
I hope too that this will continue And that one day,i will have the pleasure to see you.
I meet you already at Cannes and Beaune in France.
My sincerely salutations.

Ps: this is my adress for you and others fans.
Entry by Deborah Newcastle Upon Tyne on Tuesday 11th January 2011 02:56:13 PM
Happy 2011 Leee. 30 years cant be your only 21!!!! The best of it is the majority of your fans have been with you all the way.Whats that music I hear? "Remember the day....... Thank you my love for so many golden memories!" And keep them coming. All my love Deborah xxxx
Entry by LEEEJ on Monday 10th January 2011 04:11:54 PM
BOBY FARRELL had a great send off on saturday , in amsterdam holland the whole town praised him along with artists , agents and friends i sang SUNNY (BOBBY) as i renamed the song etc in the theatre where a tribute to booby was held before his burial very strong atmosphere , the gibson bros also sang Hey Jude as well as other artists it was cool to see all the original Boney M girls there , too He will always be remembered in our hearts Sir Bobby Farrell much luvvv leeej xx
Entry by tina on Thursday 6th January 2011 02:25:05 PM
Imagination feat the incredible vocal talents of Leee john with special guest Junior giscombe will be appearing at the leicester square theatre on the 26th of feb i will post all info asap xxxxxx
Entry by tina on Thursday 6th January 2011 02:23:18 PM
Unfortunately due to unforseen circumstances the BRIT FUNK gig on the 5th of feb at the O2 has been posponed until April 2nd.... for anybody that has already purchased tickets they will be able to use them on the new date for full information contact the o2 via the link on the home page
love tinaxxx
Entry by leeej on Wednesday 5th January 2011 08:22:01 PM
HAPPY BDAY PASCALE , SHANDY says meow meow , Thanx Jason yes im london based and we have lots of shows planned this year in and out of the UK at least 5 in feb in the UK thanx for your kind thoughts , and tina thanx for your help . much luvvvv LIVE LIFE and LOVE LEEEJ
Entry by Jason cauley from Charlton london on Saturday 1st January 2011 08:34:19 PM
Hi leee sorry to here bout ur friend
Hope u had a nice Xmas and new year at the moment I am suing
Playing music and lights flash back hope it all goes well for 2011
I also wanna say a happy new year to all
The fans out there. Leee do you live in London take care if ever need to talk we
Are all here for you
Entry by Martin on Saturday 1st January 2011 01:07:34 PM
A happy birthday to Pascale!

(I love your imagination comics) xx
Entry by tina on Saturday 1st January 2011 11:41:09 AM
wishing you all a very Happy New Year ,filled with peace ,love &happiness and that 2011 brings great health and success too !!!
lots of love tina xxxxxxxxxxx

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