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Entry by leeej on Monday 6th September 2010 07:53:10 PM
HI GUYS HAD A fantastic restful time in trieste in italy with FULVIO and his loving family and friends , nice meeting his brother roberto and Flora allora bora, Wonderful kindness, great food , great wine , wonderful sea and i LOVE the sea the water , the sun to swim , fresh fish hmmmmm molto bello . Great audience in hull , much luv LEEEJ xxxx
Entry by j.alex on Tuesday 31st August 2010 11:53:36 PM
lucky you my dear friend!!!sure you all had a fantaboulous time!!!by the way I thought your birthday was in september!!!
Entry by FULVIO on Tuesday 31st August 2010 10:08:20 AM
I want to thank with all my heart these special friends that have spent with me, all my family and some friends of mine fantastic days here in Trieste : thxxx Mark, Winnette (Diana 67) and Leee.
Thxxx so much from all of us for your kindness and friendship, ur really really lovely persons.
Forever in my/our hearts.
PS : see u all here by me in December for my bday's party ... hoping that I'll not be in Santo Domingo ...
Entry by marie on Tuesday 24th August 2010 07:06:24 PM
yayyyyyyyyyyy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!, just went on amazon and got it!!!!!,well pleased GUESS WHATS GUNA BE BLAIRING OUTTA MY JAM JARl in next few dayzzzzzzzz?????
Entry by marie on Tuesday 24th August 2010 07:06:24 PM
yayyyyyyyyyyy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!, just went on amazon and got it!!!!!,well pleased GUESS WHATS GUNA BE BLAIRING OUTTA MY JAM JARl in next few dayzzzzzzzz?????
Entry by lj muisic on Tuesday 24th August 2010 06:55:13 PM
Go to, Heart Thames Valley for Berkshire & N Hants to view 80s rewind festival feat, imagination some great photos by Harriet Armstrong.
Entry by marie on Tuesday 24th August 2010 06:43:42 PM
hi again leee man!

Iwas showing off my imagination _in the heat of the night cherished album to my daughter earlier yesterday morning ,my first favourite group front man ever was on gmtv,lol,...les mckeown of the bay city rollers ,so out rolled my album ive still got of theirs and of course your awesome album was right up there with my favourites too. wish i could play the sodding thing.lmao..do you know if i could get in the heat of the night on cd?, im sure i could,just wanna drive everyone mad when im out in my car with it at FULL volume,trust you understand hun.xxx
Entry by Rich & Sheil on Monday 23rd August 2010 09:19:18 PM
Fantastic performance on Saturday. One of the acts we HAD to get to the front for! Your star quality still burns brightly, my man!
Entry by Kimmie on Sunday 22nd August 2010 10:22:35 PM
Hi Leee

Met you at rewind yesterday, brilliant, thank you for your mate who took the lovely pic of us, really made me day you STILL sounded the same, which is refreshing considering how some of the other bands sounded yesterday!!!

Much Love haha

Kim xxxx
Entry by antonio on Sunday 15th August 2010 09:38:54 PM
hello LEEE write just to tell you that all of us old fans of imagination would be delighted to hear a new hit from the original imagination, would be like going back 80 years.
thanks for the emotions that you gave to us all, I still remember your performance in Marina di Ragusa (Sicily) a few summer ago.
hello and hope that it is not just an illusion
Entry by Millie on Wednesday 11th August 2010 12:33:01 PM
Hi Leee,

Thank you sir for your reply. It helps a lot and put my mind at rest. But in any event I do enjoy your solo work and is absolutely brilliant!! . Still a huge fan!! Bye for now!!
Entry by leeej on Tuesday 10th August 2010 03:04:05 PM
hi millie , very simple errol had differences of opinion with our manager not the group it was also reported in the press . I have always loved Ashley and Errol as brothers but as family we all have our differences how we see things in this life time . Errol is very talented musician and we had great times together and i wish him always the best ,but at present i have only spoken with Ashley about things and its all positive who knows what the future holds , god bless . leeej
Entry by Millie on Saturday 7th August 2010 11:59:24 AM
Hi Leee,

Just wanna know what's the issue was with Errol. Why not calling him too for a possible reunion? Fans like me are still curious to know what the reason was why Errol left the group then. Can you just give reason and bury the curiosity? This will only mean no more assumptions and speculations. But I still loves you and Ashley as well as Errol. Hope you guys find a way and get together to gives us(the fans) the spectacular VIEW of what Imagination were about. Please man, for the sake of the fans just do it once more, the TRIO we know and bury your differences...
Entry by leeej on Friday 6th August 2010 07:11:48 PM
HI great to hear from you guys , thanking all the great audiences over the last couple weeks last nite CANNES was fantastic , MARBELLA with my band was HOTTT , and meeting old and new fans , regarding reunions , i have spoken to ASHLEY and we may do something together for our 30th anniversary next year something special , as he does a wonderful job with his music school in canada , and i have so many projects and solo shows already booked in WHAT THIS SPACE .We have a new PA - HAYLEY who has been working with us since last year but now iis official some of the fans who cant get through to me or johnboyprods or LJMUSIC please feel free to email HAYLEY at hayley@ob-sessions.com she can answer your questions and update you with whats going on . Coming soon RAVER mixes with my new project RETROSPEXX there will be a new website plus new SENSUALITY mixes and PASSION mixes.english/french. Hope to see all you funs in HENLY on the aug 21st gig and HUll festival on the sept 4th there will be few other things popping up so keep checking www.leeejohn.com much luv LEEEJ xxx
Entry by marie on Tuesday 3rd August 2010 10:10:58 PM
hey! leee, how are you?.

say, i was wondering would you ever consider a comeback imagination?,you were awesome in the 80's /90's, we met twice too, danced on stage together in hemel, i met you in bedfordshire whilst you were all doing a radio interview,well afterwards actually!. god i really was mad on you back then,lol,i say ....if earth wind and fire can do it, the real thing and all them great bands then i look forward to coming to see you, ash & errol at st albans in the near future....c'mon ,lets see it! please?????,i wish you well,i'd like to see imagination (the original line up) IN THE HEAT OF THE NIGHT , DONT WANT IT TO BE ~JUST AN ILLUSION, I WANNA SEE YOU ALL UP THERE ON STAGE PLEASE IN ALL THE.... MUSIC N LIGHTS!.....YOU COULD REALLY PULL IN THE CROWDS OF 80'S/90'S FANS ...EASY!!!, ALL I ASK IS THAT YOU PLEASE AT LEAST CONSIDER MY REQUEST,...ROCK ON!.XXXX,.....LETS HOPE THERES GUNA BE SOME (CHANGES)

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