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Entry by tina on Tuesday 15th December 2009 08:19:18 AM
IMAGINATION feat. LEEE JOHN will be performing
call 01865241261 or visit the website for more details
love tina xxxxx
Entry by j.alex on Saturday 12th December 2009 04:23:24 PM
feliz cumpleaņos pat!!!!!!
Entry by Pat C on Saturday 12th December 2009 02:30:36 PM
Thanks my dear friends

check out your mail boxes tommorow, news on March gig and fan weekend part 1
Entry by Fulvio on Tuesday 8th December 2009 07:34:32 PM
Happy birthday Pat.
Big hug.
Entry by tina on Tuesday 8th December 2009 08:44:40 AM
happy birthday to pat
i am looking forward to seeing you in march
lots of love tina xxxxx
Entry by tina on Monday 7th December 2009 10:05:08 AM
IMAGINATON featuring LEEE JOHN will be performing at the REGAL in OXFORD on the 19th of Dec further details to come ....DON'T MISS OUT !!!!
love tinaxxxxxxxxx
Entry by j.alex on Sunday 6th December 2009 09:03:03 PM
looking forward for next year!!!when an update website????? please!!!!
Entry by Bazza on Tuesday 1st December 2009 05:51:11 PM
Hi Guys
Please could Mark , Pat , Steve , Tony etc contact me via email please . Regarding project !!
bjgraphix@blueyonder.co.uk asap
Thanks Bazza (Barry)
Entry by tina on Tuesday 1st December 2009 04:23:47 PM
LEEE will be performing this SATURDAY the 5th of DEC. at CLUB 1 in ASCOT
doors open at 9 pm for more info call 01344 874500 go to their website
over 25 's only !

LEEE will also be performing at the REGAL in OXFORD on SATURDAY 19th of DEC. KENNY THOMAS and LOOSE ENDS will also be there ! for more info call 01865241261 go to their website
over 18's

Entry by Ing-Marie on Sunday 29th November 2009 09:38:38 AM
Thanks Pat C for the info

All have a nice day!!!!!!!!!!!

Entry by tina on Saturday 28th November 2009 11:10:11 AM
hi to all the fans !
pat i know what you are talking about ! and believe me fans it is very exciting !!!
keep your eyes open and keep checking all the related sites as you dont want to miss out ....roll on next year !!!
love tina xxxxx
Entry by Pat C on Friday 27th November 2009 08:38:10 PM
Dear Inge-Mary and all Imagination/Leee John fans all over the world

A big fan happening is in 'prep stage'. More details to follow via the leeejohn.com, Imaginationstory.come, Ashley Ingram site, facebook and email/newsletter.

spring 2010-London
Entry by Ing-Marie on Thursday 26th November 2009 05:30:52 PM
Hi Leee
I am sorry to hear about your friend.
I am a woman 42 from Sweden and I love all your music, both imagination and you as a solo-artist. Where do you have your gigs are you going to play in London?
You seems to be a wonderful person and very warmhearted too.
I wish you all the best. Take care. Love you xxxxx

I wish the best to all fans also.

Entry by leeej on Friday 20th November 2009 09:55:15 PM
PAUL had a great send off , a great man very cool and supportive to LJ MUSIC and the acts and artists and we had a great time enjoying life . HE is in a better place GOD BLESS PAUL HARVEY xxxxxxxxxxxx
Entry by tina on Sunday 8th November 2009 08:37:23 AM
R.I.P paul ....our thoughts are with his family and close friends
in their time of sadness

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