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Entry by LEEE JOHN on Tuesday 14th October 2008 07:07:05 PM
HI guys thanx for all your great support from europe , the USA . its amazing after all these years that everyone still loves the music .I equally hope you enjoy all the new stuff that im doing , there will lots out for next year as well as touring and tv appearances you can always email me direct on leeejohn@hotmail.com keep the faith and much LUV LEEEJ
Entry by Denise White on Thursday 9th October 2008 11:28:51 PM
Hi Leee,

I just cannot express how absolutely thrilled I am to be able to send you this message. I have been an Imagination fan since Body Talk , 1981. I still enjoy all of Imagination\\'s music as if it was just recorded yesterday. I own every single one of your albums and when those became obsolete, I bought cassettes and then I replaced all of the cassettes with CD\\'s.

You play the piano so beautifully! It\\'s too bad I never got chance to see you guys in concert. Thanks to the almighty power of the internet, I\\'m able to send you this message and thank you guys for all of the truly wonderful music you created over the past couple of decades.

I\\'m from the US, Washington DC and have never been to England but Imagination was too hot in DC!!!! We blew up your albums at our clubs. Especially, Burnin\\' Up, the long version of Just an Illusion, Shoo Bee Doo Da, So Good Right!!

I was so sad when I learned that you guys had split but hey, the music lives on!!

I love you guys!

Denise White #1 Imagination Fan in USA
Washington, DC
Entry by John on Tuesday 7th October 2008 02:53:45 PM
Hi Guys, visit www.flashbackproject.org.uk to see Leee's latest project. Watch the Flashback Project trailer, find out who's invloved and post your support for the project into the site forum. The more interest we can show the bigger hopefully we can make it :o)
Entry by Ed on Friday 3rd October 2008 12:30:35 PM

I heard you were at the Stevie concert the other day at the O2. I thought he was great.

Did you enjoy and have you ever met the man himself ?

Entry by Bazza on Thursday 25th September 2008 03:20:02 PM
A massive thank you to all Imagination myspace fans..... it's great to see that some of you have started to post on this wonderful sites forum ! I Hope to be adding to the myspace page as soon as I have some new information to put on it . As usual www.leeejohn.com should be the first place all fans should come to .
Peace and love
Bazza xxxxxxxxxxxx
Entry by HERVE on Wednesday 24th September 2008 10:38:55 PM
Entry by HI LEE & Huge Fan of Imagination on Sunday 21st September 2008 06:19:46 AM
Dearest Leee J,

Hey, How r u doing? Hope u r doing great. I'm glad to find this page & yes I'm so glad that you write back to you loving fans too. I've been a huge of Imagination since I was 5 years of age & I loved this group ever since. I loved you the most & I love your voice. I would love to get a DVD of Imagination, can I find it? Please Lee I would love you to send me a picture of Imagination with your Autograph in it. I hope to hear from you soon.

Your Loving fan from Oman,

Entry by Bazza on Saturday 13th September 2008 04:06:04 PM
Hi to all in Leee's world................I am back on line again (yeah !!)
All I can say to the new look site is wow ! Really looking fantastic, great job .
Lots and lots of love to you all
Bazza xxx
Entry by raoul on Saturday 13th September 2008 11:05:17 AM
Hi Leee,

Happy i found this homepage.
Never knew what you did after imagination (sorry).
I had a discotheek in those days in holland, played your records from day one, and the public was dancing all weekend on your music..asking who are these guys....
Now after so many years i think that the sound of imagination is for me the sound of that great period.
It was that smooth sound that then but still stand out high!!!!

Now having my own family, moved from holland for my love to luxembourg the sounds of that days are maybe more and more important.

Hope you can come over once to do a gig here, solo or....

I know it sound buh, but thanks for your music and memories......

Raoul Somers
Entry by John on Wednesday 3rd September 2008 08:56:47 PM
Some of you may have already noticed we've also added a Videos page. The idea is any videos you spot or add to YouTube can be added to this page by you for everyone else to watch. To add a video just click on the link underneath the title and add the YouTube video ID and it appears on the page, that's all there is to it. Instructions are on this page for how to find the YouTube video ID.

Please keep them all Leee John and Imagination related though. Thanks
Entry by John on Wednesday 3rd September 2008 08:42:56 PM
We've fixed the Forum so you now are returned to the correct page after posting.
Entry by John on Wednesday 3rd September 2008 08:40:27 PM
Always be up to date with leeejohn.com. We've just added RSS feeds to the site for several pages, to find out more click on the orange RSS feed logo at the top of the page to find out more and subscribe. It's free!
Entry by leeej on Wednesday 27th August 2008 10:59:35 PM
HAD a fab time with fulvio , leonardo , valentina , steve the greek , maximo , gissepie and many friends in triste and vinezia wonderful bacci xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx leee john
Entry by THE GREEK on Tuesday 26th August 2008 11:12:57 AM
Entry by FULVIO on Tuesday 26th August 2008 04:28:18 AM
Me, my family, some friends of mine, have had the privilage and honour to spend magic moments with LEEE JOHN and STEVE "THE GREEK", here in Italy, where I live. All these magic moments will stay in our hearts, you are in our hearts. THANK YOU SO MUCH, YOU ARE REALLY SPECIAL PERSONS.

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