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Entry by leeej on Friday 6th September 2013 04:56:47 PM
hiya been a while on here FB and twitter seem to occupy , everyones needs though ,im glad to still get feedback from everyone as it is important to hear your thoughts , hope to see you all on upcoming tour in oct 2013 ,and you download KRASH new track see video www.muzu.tv much luv leee jxxxxx
Entry by Bazza on Tuesday 20th August 2013 07:51:03 PM
Hey DL ...... please let us have your contact details asap , we have tried to get in touch for events etc. please feel free to email me bjgraphix@blueyonder.co.uk or use the contacts on the site here , but either way please do let us know how to contact you ...... Kindest regards Bazza
Entry by the Dedicated Leeejohnaire on Thursday 15th August 2013 05:50:06 PM
hi Leee, enjoyed your Q & A in this issue of Classic Pop magazine, did you notice they named Nightdubbing as the No1 remix album of the 80's? Looking forward to your upcoming album. Been away a while, but always a LJ follower.
Keep the Faith.
Entry by leeej on Monday 5th August 2013 10:53:28 PM
hi guys with FACEBOOK etc its so hard to come on board but i am still here to chat and be with you ,been a nonstop time with FLASHBACK film and ,new singles and album plus touring , lots going on but its all fun , let every moment count much luv LEEEJ XXXXX
Entry by tina on Wednesday 26th June 2013 02:02:30 PM
Imagination feat Leee John will be performing at an exclusive pre-launch of the long awaited album due for release on Sony music in October “FLASHBACK the best of IMAGINATION featuring all the greatest hits “It will be an intimate party for especially invited guests at the fabulous venue the Hippodrome Casino in London on July 11th 2013 .We have got 10 tickets up for grabs for lucky fans! E- Mail me at tina_james67@hotmail.co.uk with a brief explanation of why you are a great Imagination fan! The winners will be picked by Leee and i and notified via e mail by the end of the month .......good luck!
Entry by herve on Sunday 16th June 2013 10:32:51 PM
i sing a song for you please listen , it s the only way i can t speak to you .......... i ll always love you Lee :)
Entry by Marie on Tuesday 28th May 2013 12:51:54 AM
Leee what a tremendous uplifting warm th I get from listening to a your music.i was at school in the eighties and just too young to head to the disco ....played ILlusion several times today in the car with my partner and it was magical...beautiful sensual and dare I say it sentiment in the lyrics.....Thank you for makinG my life more enjoyable..your songs warm my heart....I'm a Londoner .when's your next gig...must go ...I recall you played at university college london sometime mid eighties...I was there ha ha
Entry by leeej on Wednesday 22nd May 2013 07:19:27 PM
HI everyone its been nonstop and june will be even more , with gigs the film ,recording , and preparing for the greatest hits but its all good and with all your support it gives me the strength to carry on to make it the best . So watch out for the double Aside single the truth/KRASH and the Best of IMAGINATION -FLASHBACK much lv leeej xxx
Entry by Ed on Tuesday 14th May 2013 01:09:49 PM

Shouldn't you be at the Stevie Wonder tribute show this coming Saturday at the Jazz Cafe? You sang Visions at your last concert there, so it should be easy.

Please give Omar a call and sort it out....

Entry by Pat on Tuesday 7th May 2013 02:12:41 PM
Hi Neil

Though I couldn't be there either, I've heard that it was a great gig with quite a few celebrities attending.
Entry by Neil on Tuesday 9th April 2013 06:16:39 PM
I was unable to attend hippodrome any reports
Entry by Fans of imagination on Sunday 24th March 2013 11:18:10 PM
BREAKING NEWS 31st march at the hippodrome london there will be lots of new imagination leee john merchandising to buy .
Entry by bateman on Monday 18th March 2013 10:55:20 AM
In the heat of the night album. Well this album haunting me since1982. as from the first song on the album, In the Heat of the night I immediately knew here is something special. OMW, the voice, the music and man the production was excellent. I'm totally obsessed with Leee John's music. I'm hooked, I dont know man, but everytime I'm not feelin well, I put on this album and after a while feeling good again. Well there is really some good spiritual upliftment here. Positive vibes you know. Its now more than 30 years after its release and I'm still hypnotise by Imagination's music. Great music, great musicans,great producers!! I salute you Mr Leee John.
Entry by tina on Thursday 7th March 2013 09:41:31 AM
hi everyone ! we hope to see you all at leee's easter sunday gig(31st of march) at the Hippodrome casino in london for tickets and full info go to the gig guide lots of love tina xxx
Entry by Nataliya on Tuesday 19th February 2013 12:24:49 PM
My page in odnoklassniki and my group of fans of Imagination and Leee John is not blocked any more! BtW if anyone happens to visit Leee's concert in London on March 31 (how I envy you), could you share your impressions please?

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