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Welcome to Leee John

Celebrating over 30 years in the entertainment industry, Leee John has been an all round artist, singer, writer, record producer, actor and recently a film producer.

Leee came to the world’s attention with his group Imagination which he founded in the early 80s. Imagination was signed by Morgan Khan of Street Sound fame after hearing the track "Got To Be Good". Produced by Trevor Horn (producer of Frankie Goes To Hollywood, Seal, Grace Jones to name but a few), the master tape was sent to the States to get reproduced but unfortunately got lost and the outcome looked bleak.

Leee was introduced to producer Tony Swain and given a piece of music to write some lyrics and a melody. He went home and came up with what became Imagination’s first GOLD RECORD. The hit single "Body Talk". With hits such as "In And Out Of Love", "Flashback", "Music And Lights", "In The Heat Of The Night" and "Just An Illusion", millions of singles were sold internationally.

Imagination also went platinum worldwide with sales in excess of 30 million albums.

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Leee John of Imagination

Masterclass in Rome

Leee John Masterclass

On September 16th, for the first time in Italy, in Rome there will be a Workshop / Master Class conducted by Leee John, band leader of "Imagination". Singer, songwriter, live performer, producer and director, Leee John continues to challenge his creative strength in his infinite boundaries.

It will be accompanied by an exceptional rhythm section, which includes: Paolo Costa, a Milanese bass player who boasts that he has collaborated with the greatest artists of the Italian scene in the last 30 years; Francesco Mendolia, official drummer of the band "Incognito", London by adoption collaborates with international artists all over the world; Lello Panico, guitarist and composer, is considered one of the greatest exponents of Rock and Blues music in Italy; Emiliano Pari, pianist, singer, composer and arranger, collaborates with artists of the Italian and international scene.

It will be an interactive Master Class, with numerous live performances, the possibility to acquire the technical knowledge of the artists, as well as the opportunity to play with the Band.

Do not miss this precious opportunity for artistic sharing. A certificate of participation will be issued.

Introduction to Police & Thieves by Leee John.
For the full 11 minute version see our videos page.

NEW: Police & Thieves

Imagination featuring LEEE JOHN presents: "Police and Thieves" the 2018 film from "The Do it Right Now campaign"

Presenting the Police and Thieves music video, duration (3 mins) and short film (11 mins) the brain child of Leee John, lead vocalist and writer of the group Imagination, inspired by his observations of the challenges facing young people today.

His aim, to assist in helping and supporting young people globally to make the right life choices and ultimately achieve their full potential and in turn becoming positive contributors to their communities and society as a whole. The "Do it Right Now", initiative is a campaign to enhance people to embrace the moment and make the most of life.

From the acclaimed album "Retropia" the music tracks "Do it Right Now" and "Police and Thieves" act as central focus points of a bigger global campaign, which echoes with the message of support and exposure can and WILL change lives.

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Upcoming gigs

  • Master Class Workshop Seminar

    Rome, Italy
  • Brussels Festival

    Place des Palais, Brussels
  • Better World Forum

  • 80's Show

    Paris, France
  • Live acoustic session

    Nostalgie Radio
  • Paris Fashion Week

    Paris, France
  • Bolton The Albert Hall

    Butlins Band
  • Butlins

  • CEO Wheeling Around the World

    Charity Event Brussels
  • Butlins

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  • Alan Laundry

    Marselles Show
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